2016 Wood and Tool Auction

Quality Tools of all kinds
Creative and cute toys and games

Amish Indoor/Outdoor Furniture and Handtools

We will be loading 2017 Wood and Tool items onto the website in June. In the meantime, enjoy a look at last year's items.

The Wood and Tool auction begins at 9am on Saturday morning. You can find also sorts of things here, from handmade clipboards and crates to toys, Amish furniture, fun garden items, and lots of tools. A John Deere Gator will be auctioned here also. A few items from the old Art and Collectibles Sale may be sold here, including Mahlon Schmucker's annual "Junk Art" Nativity.

We try our best to photograph all the items that are donated, but we always have more that come in after our deadline. You never quite know what you'll find here, and it's always fun to find out what surprises are in store.