Ohio Sale to send $300,000 to MCC

At our November 9 Annual Wrap-up Meeting, it was announced that the Relief Sale will sending $300,000 to MCC for the 2015 year!

Here's a list of things that this money will be direct to:


$25.00 - Enables a family to raise a rabbit for food and income in the Gaza Strip.
$50.00 - Provides loans for people to purchase animals such as goats and receive agriculture training in Nepal.
$90.00 - Provides a selection of seeds, organic fertilizer and an irrigation system for one family in Guatemala.


$10.00 - Helps communities in Kenya have access to the water they need for drinking and growing food.
$50.00 - Helps farmers in India capture rainwater for their crops.
$150.00 - Provides two water filters, enough for one well, in Mozambique (which provides water for about 500 people).


$10.00 - Provides an infant with diapers, formula and bottles for a month.
$50.00 - Helps provide emergency food assistance for a month.
$250.00 - Helps provide a place to live for people who have lost their homes.


$15.00 - Helps schools bring books within reach in Nicaragua.
$25.00 - Helps makes kindergarten happen for refugee children from Syria.
$25.00 - Monthly Supports a Global Family project.


$18.00 - Helps train church members in HIV care and counseling in Zambia.
$25.00 – In medical care shows God’s love and compassion to people living with HIV and AIDS in places like Ukraine.
$75.00 – For cancer prevention helps ensure that people with albinism in Tanzania have access to skin screenings and, if needed, treatment for lesions.


$30.00 - Provides five cell phone recharge cards so emergency response volunteers can quickly respond to conflicts and prevent continued violence in Nigeria.
$45.00 - Supports peacemakers as they share stories of past conflicts in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
$150.00 - Funds one participant to attend a five-day peace training in Bangladesh.



If anyone sees his brother in need and fails to help, what evidence is there of God's love...?

– I John 3:17

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